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Madison LaVallee

Material Composites: Remix

Material Composite: Sacred Space - Maidson LaVallee

Above: Material Composite: Sacred Space. Paper pulp, insulation foam,
linoleum tile, glass brick, acrylic paint, paint chips. 2017

August 18-September 22

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 18, 4:00-6:00pm

In my work, I observe the lived spaces around me, noticing materials that are both visible and beneath the surface, reflecting on personal history and cultural identity as they exist within the domestic sphere. I imagine pulling back a layer and uncovering the unknown materials, closely examining what is there and how the materials are structured.

My sculptures appear as material sandwiches, combining properties of real and imagined space in a layered unit. Choices made within each sculptural combination highlight a sense of unfamiliarity when placed in a new space or context, while still containing recognizable attributes related to its original use. Manipulation of such materials creates an oscillation between de-familiarization and a familiarization.

Elements are extracted from domestic spaces and broken into fragments, then re-presented as composites of information distilled from the original space. The sculptures are installed in conversation with the specific site, paying close attention to architectural details. Through repetition and labor, fragments are assembled, rearranged, and finally re-contextualized in a new form that is both a record of my observations and an abstraction of my environment.

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Please Note:

Our gallery has moved down the street to 19 Central Square, next to BenGableSavories.