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Sol Hill
September 23-October 21, 2017

Dennis Lick and George Spencer

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 23, 4:00-6:00pm

The Joyce Goldstein Gallery, in collaboration with Katharine T. Carter & Associates, presents the experimental photographs of California artist Sol Hill. Hill creates photographic images that explore how the literal can reveal unacknowledged realities, and encompass beautiful and provocative pictures from two of his recent series, Token Feminine and Sublime Noise.

Both series display Hill’s involvement with digital noise – extraneous energy in the form of electrical current, heat, or cosmic rays that can affect the image. The Token Feminine focuses on transformed images of female mannequins. The artist employs a number of digital effects, resulting in highly abstracted images that are both painterly and cinematic. Sublime Noise conjures mysterious figures in dream-like settings. In this series, the images imply a passage between states of human existence. In a variety of settings, the figures are transformed by light, their identities subsumed in a field of pixilated particles.

Born in Albuquerque, NM to artist parents who founded the first contemporary art gallery in Santa Fe, Hill studied photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, receiving his MFA in 2010. He has upcoming exhibitions at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido and the Hardin Center for Cultural Arts, AL. He was recently included in “Currents in Photography” at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City where his work garnered extensive media attention. Based in Santa Barbara, Hill has also exhibited his work in solo exhibitions at Calumet Gallery, Los Angeles; Tool Room Gallery, Ventura CA; and Theater D, Santa Ynez, CA. His work has been included in many prestigious group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

See Sol Hill's work.