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Sparky Campanella
October 28-December 2, 2017

Dennis Lick and George Spencer

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 28, 4:00-6:00pm

Los Angeles-based photographer Sparky Campanella’s work will be featured at The Joyce Goldstein Gallery from October 28-December 2, 2017. A shrimp and champagne opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 28 from 4:00-6:00pm. Campanella’s urban landscapes are an evocative take on the ever-shifting complementarity of civilization and nature. His horizon series breaks rank with other contemporary landscape photographers by taking two elements often portrayed at odds – the man-made and the natural – and offering them as harmonious.

Each horizon landscape is equally bifurcated into upper and lower registers, often with an expanse of organic nature on top and a construct of man-made geometry below. Campanella then blends a spatial restriction and expansion with a lush color palette to show the inadvertent beauty that emerges where man and nature touch. Campanella uses a 4x5 view camera to control the visual effectiveness of both halves of each horizon image – an effect garnered by the camera’s ability to “flatten-in-camera” the plane of focus, allowing foreground and background to both be sharp.

Sparky Campanella had a recent exhibition at Lichtundfire Gallery, NYC, and a one-person exhibition of his work at the Crisp Museum in Camp Girardeau, MO. He has an upcoming exhibition at the Hardin Center for Cultural Arts in Gadsden, AL in September 2018. Campanella has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions nationally including SFCamerawork in San Fransisco, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Koelish Gallery in Houston, David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago, and the Philadelphia Arts Center. He holds an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a graduate degree from Stanford University; currently represented by Weston Gallery in Carmel. For further information contact: Katharine T. Carter, Katharine T. Carter & Associates:, 212.533.9530, or view a PDF of his photography.

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