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Stuart Farmery

Bearing Up

Material Composite: Sacred Space - Maidson LaVallee

October 6-November 10

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 6, 4:00-7:00pm

I’m best left in that awful place of not knowing what to do. Be it with a blank page in my sketch book or with an already started piece that has become stranded on a mudbank. Showing up is the important fact. I have to participate but then happily and what so often seems like another voice a strange idea will enter, like a surprise attack, reinvigorating my thoughts and redirecting them to their conclusion. A suggestion that often has me laughing out loud at the sheer surprise and off kilter angle the idea suggests. Something that I wouldn’t normally think of and that of course is what we’re after. A different solution an expansion.

While making the work I generally don’t know it’s source or context. It’s only afterwards that I’m able to relate the imagery to my love of nature, a sense of freedom or our relationships to each other and the world.

- Stuart Farmery

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Our gallery has moved down the street to 19 Central Square, next to BenGableSavories.