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Carrie Waldman - Lace 5

Deborah Ellis

September 24-October 29, 2016

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 24, 4:00-6:00pm

Artist's Statement
Deborah Ellis' previously exhibited work at Joyce Goldstein Gallery, was a world of woods, lakes and ponds. She goes deeper, finds new imagery with this current work. Often the imagery which draws Ellis is humble, daily, familiar - seen superimposed or indirectly through veils of transparent wash. In many of the watercolor paintings, the action of the paint floated onto wash and on different paper surfaces is in itself enough - though there is always a recognizable image.

Deborah Ellis says "I selected these paintings for Joyce Goldstein Gallery because I wanted to see them together in that jewel box of a gallery in Chatham. I work more and more single-mindedly on motifs of bird/leaf/fruit/weed, for their omnipresence and reminders of both the ephemeral and the daily, common world."

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